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How To Get Control Of Your Deer Flies

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How To Get Control Of Your Deer Flies

Deer flies are water breeders and can travel long distances, making them impossible to control in their larval stages.  However, there are a few ways to help keep them away from you.  BugPellent Gel is a good repellent if they are bothering you while out riding.  If they bother you more in a specific spot, such as near a pool or in a back yard, etc., then a trap may be another way to go.  There are traps that you can build yourself. You can search online for plans to build the home made version by searching for Manitoba Trap.  For deer flies, another trap that works pretty well is to get something like a kickball and paint it blue (deer flies are particularly attracted to blue), then cover the ball in a product called Tanglefoot (you can usually find this at places like HomeDepot), then hang the sticky blue ball in a tree near where you spend time.

Extended Deer Fly Information

Deer flies are also referred to as yellow flies or stouts. They can be pests to cattle, horses, and humans. They are similar in size and appearance to the housefly less their characteristically gold or green eye pattern.

Deer flies are smaller than most wasps, have the colored eyes and dark bands across their wings. The female deer flies feed on blood and the males collect pollen. The females use knife-like mandibles and maxillae to make a cross-shaped incision and then lap up the blood. Their bite can be painful but sometimes their bites are not noticed at the time if the victim is distracted. Allergic reactions from the deer fly saliva can result in health concerns. Pain and itch are the most common symptoms. More significant allergic reactions can develop.

Being water breeders, deer flies are most often found in damp environments like wetlands, bogs, or forests.

The natural predators of the deer fly include the nest-building wasps and hornets, dragonflies, and some birds like killdeers.
  • Horse Girl, What about my favorite StarBar Bite Free Stable Fly Trap, sold by Spaulding???  Forget about do it yourself 'traps'.  This trap works amazing!!! Walt

  • Thanks a great point Walter! Thanks!! ;-)

    The StarBar Bite Free Stable Fly Trap ( do work great. These make at home traps work with Deer Flies too.