It’s not often you have a friend who writes a great book. Remarkably, our very own Tom Spalding finds himself with two dear friends who have written new books, one of which has recently made the NY Times Best Seller List! Both are fabulous reads with amazing graphics. 

 Susan's just released Martha’s Vineyard: Isle of Dreams, is a memoir which chronicles her life from her marriage to Cliff in the 1970s, to when she flew away from California with a broken heart to Martha’s Vineyard, where she knew no one, and started over. Since that time she has become as well known for her watercolor artwork as she is for her books. Susan writes and paints about the "home arts" of cooking, gardening, sewing, family, best friends, entertaining and the little things that make life sweet. What makes her stories so compelling, be it a happy, sad or a crazy tale, is that every handwritten page also has her drawings that perfectly communicate the point.  She speaks in both words and pictures which is why her fans love her. You can see examples of her work at as well as purchase her books, calendars and other “stuff”.

Cliff’s book, American Made: Reflections of a Boomer, is part memoir, part illustrated walk through the 60’s and 70’s, and part observation of how a generation that was going to change the world in the 60’s and 70’s brought us into the world we find ourselves with today. With over 600 photos and original pieces of art, it’s gotten fabulous reviews and is a very fun read for the boomer generation and beyond. You can preview many chapters at as well as This is Cliff’s 2nd book. His first book, written under a pen name in the early 80’s, quickly became a national bestseller.

Sue, Cliff and Tom went off in all directions to create very different lives for themselves, but have remained friends for nearly 50 years. Across these many decades, Tom Spalding and Cliff Branch have started dozens of companies and Susan Branch was part of the first two – tying these three together not only as fast friends, but as co-workers and partners.

What companies you say?..

Were you a college kid of the 70’s and purchased a hi-fi system? You likely bought it from them via Warehouse Sound! Have you taken a dip in a hot tub? They started the first national hot tub company called California Cooperage. Reading this article on a laptop right now? In the 80’s, Cliff & Tom produced an award winning PC called the Brick at the beginning of the portable computing revolution!

Are you into auto racing and ever watch a live onboard car camera? Yup! That was Tom who won an Emmy for the first live in-car camera at the 1981 Daytona 500!

What about having a video conference or have you ever had DSL service? Yes again, those were also pioneering companies where Tom was a co-founder.

 A section in Cliff’s book covers these aforementioned, pre bug business days.  If you would like a copy of American Made, Spalding Labs has made it available at 40% OFF!  Software is $11.97. Hardcover is $17.97. Plus shipping. ORDER HERE