Sometimes I feel like I live in the flea and tick capital of the world. Eastern North Carolina summers are not only sweltering but filled with a plethora of pesky insects.

I've been using Fly Predators for 5 years now, so the flies are under control here at the farm but have been looking for what seems like forever to find a natural solution for relief from fleas and ticks. About a month ago, I started using Bugpellent Gel on the farm dogs just rubbing it on the backs of their necks. They loved the extra attention, I loved the smell + the fact it's free of toxic pyrethrins.

It's that time of year to start seeing fleas and ticks but I haven't seen hide nor hair! No complaints here. Loving the Bugpellent Gel. I haven't tried it yet but it does also come in a sprayer too. :-)