Everyone knows Christmas is in December but for professional rodeo riders like Mike and Sherrylynn Johnson, Christmas usually comes a little bit early… 

While you won’t see tiny little elves scampering about or a jolly fat man in a sleigh pulled by reindeer, you will see lots of dust, leather, and some of that green stuff. Yes, "Cowboy Christmas” kicks off at the top of July and means lots of green “get the money” possibilities to rodeo riders far and wide. Simply put the top of July (and for some the entire month) is dubbed as such because there are so many rodeos packed in such a short window of time offering up millions of dollars in prize money. This is a busy month for full-time professional rodeo riders like Mike and Sherrylynn Johnson!

Mike and Sherrylynn Johnson are a husband and wife combo and have been friends of Spalding Labs for over 10 years. They were married in Calgary, AB Canada and rodeo’d in high school together. In 1980 Mike won the Oklahoma Youth Rodeo Ribbon Roping with his ribbon runner, Sherrylynn! They were a team way before they knew it!

Both are incredibly accomplished rodeo stars! Mike Johnson is the Iron Man of Professional Rodeo with 23 times to the NFR while Sherrylynn Johnson is a Top Professional Barrel Racer with 4 times to the NFR!

Learn more about Mike and Sherrylynn on their website at johnsonsportline.com