When we think of flies, we typically think of annoying insects however there are many flies out there that are not bothersome. Here's few flies you might find around your farm or stable which area actually beneficial insects!..

Fungus Gnats

Fungus gnats are commonly seen around manure, but the only people that need to have any concern about them are mushroom growers.

Flower Flies

Syrphid flies (also known as flower flies) are often seen pollinating around farms.  They develop in icky stuff like drainage areas, sewage, etc, but they're harmless pollinators.

Dung Flies

Dung flies are fairly common, they're yellowish in color and sometimes seen on manure.  But they won't bother animals or people and I've never encountered one in doors.

Black Soldier Flies

A lot of folks are using Black Soldier Flies to compost now. They're harmless as adults.

Back to the pest flies... Of course there's the house fly and the biting stable fly but fortunately Fly Predators can take care of those annoyances!