The house fly will be the first major nuisance fly (other than mosquitoes) to come out in spring.  House flies are important to control because they can mechanically spread pathogenic bacteria.  They lay 4-6 batches of up to 150 eggs each in their lifetime.  They can go from egg to adult in about a week during the heat of the summer.  Most commonly found in decaying organic material such as garbage, manure, spilled feed, decaying fruit and vegetables, and compost.  Adults will travel up to 1/4 mile (further if they have a prevailing breeze).   Best products for controlling house flies are the Fly Predators for breeding areas, and to catch adults the StarBar EZ Traps in/near buildings, the Bugpellent Essential Oil sticks for in stalls, and the Giant Fly Relief Bags away from buildings.

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