Hello. My name is Angelea and I’m a Bye Bye Odor aholic. I’ve been using Bye Bye Odor around the farm and on the road since 2012. Like most addictions, my relationship with Bye Bye Odor started out simple. I first began using it when I’d clean out my stalls. I’d muck out each stall, sweep where the urine spot was then spritz some Bye Bye Odor on that spot. I was; #1, amazed at how much better my stable smelt, #2 really surprised at how my horses started laying down throughout the day and overnight thus relaxing more, and #3 the reduction in the flies that would come into the stable.

Hmmm? I thought. It works so well in the barn how about in the kitty litter box? They are like tiny little stalls (ok... sort of) inside our houses, right? I just clean the litter box then spritz it with Bye Bye Odor. Now, the “kitty room” is no longer deemed the “kitty room” because it doesn’t smell like a cat box any longer thanks to Bye Bye Odor. My indoor tuxedo cat, The Dude, is way more laid back now (if that's even possible).

If you’ve watched HorseGirlTV® or read any of my blog in the last 9 years then you’ll certainly know about Picollo, my paraplegic mini-dachshund. He’s been incontinent for the last 10 of his 15 years on this planet after a back surgery that left him paralyzed in the hind end. Manual bladder expressions are a daily occurrences with Picollo. He’s spends his days in diapers wheeling around in his cart and his nights comfy in his kennel. Not to get too graphic but he isn’t able to control his bowels so I clean his kennel bedding every morning. Again with the Bye Bye Odor, I started spritzing it in his kennel every morning after taking out the bedding and would wash his bedding and diaper covers with a splash of Bye Bye Odor in each washer load. Absolutely no urine or poo smell! Happy Picollo!

Have horse, will travel, right? I would travel in my euro style tiny horse box to farrier, vet, and training outings. I'd arrive to my appointments and drop down the back ramp to a whoosh of ammonia. Unhealthy! So... I put a bottle of Bye Bye Odor in the truck door and when I’d stop for gas, would spritz a little on the trailer floor in his urine & poo spot. I was completely amazed at how any foul odor was non-existent by the time we’d arrive to our destination.

Eastern North Carolina is beautiful but it’s not really huge for high performance dressage horses so I began traveling to Wellington and Atlanta to train after I’d gotten him (2005 Sir Donnerhall gelding, Hansel that is) schooling at FEI level. Traveling got kicked up a notch too with a living quarter trailer and I fast found another application for Bye Bye Odor. I started using it in the gray and black water tanks with nary an odor! Living in close quarters with 2 dogs, up to a month at a time in the trailer, this was a must!

On the road laundry time was limited to 1x a week so the trailer stall area stored stinky horse blankets and riding apparel. Bye Bye Odor took care of that as well then I started spritzing it on everything from my helmets to my socks, saddle pads, standing bandages, and riding gloves even. Perspiration, human or animal alike, didn’t stand a chance!

Every Spring I wash my winter blankets with a 1/2 cup of Bye Bye Odor before storing them for the following Winter. During the Winter months I'd actually spritz Bye Bye Odor directly on urine and manure spots on my horses blankets WHILE they were wearing them in the stall or cross ties. I don't recommend this for skittish horses but mine eventually understood that a spritz on the blanket meant much healthier air in their boxes so would gladly stand still. Here's Hansel donning his well-worn red blanket with one of his little friends, Josh the pony, in the middle of a chilly Eastern North Carolina winter. The blanket stains are visibly there but the odor is not! :-)

We traveled far and wide and last summer, Picollo, Hansel, and I took a 3 month training trip all the way to Holland! My Bye Bye Odor concentrate was packed with me and well used in the stable, on the blankets, in my tack locker, and of course with Picollo in the room we rented. Here's Hansel being offloaded from the KLM flight just after we landed in Amsterdam!

I often feel like Gus Portokalos from the movie my Big Fat Greek wedding when talking to friends and colleagues about Bye Bye Odor just because I use it on so many things. It’s not my cure all solutions for everything that ails me in the world, BUT for any urine, poo, and sweat spots it’s proven to me to eliminate it all together. Thanks Spalding! :-) At HorseGirlTV, we think Bye Bye Odor (and of course Fly Predators too) are #1!!