I know summer isn't over yet BUT fall happens fast, so it's high time you bring out your winter layers, check the fluids in your car and don’t forget about your horse, trailer, and stable!

  1. It’s a good idea to get a bath in before it gets too cold. Shampoo his whole body to clean his coat and make sure to pay attention to his mane and tail. Apply a detangler to your horse’s mane and tail by putting about a half dollar size of detangler in your hand running you hand through his mane and tail. After your horse’s mane and tail have dried, brush through it.
  2. Check your blankets for holes, dirt, and/or rips BEFORE you need to use them. If they are still dirty give them a good wash. I use a 1/4 cup of Bye Bye Odor with every blanket ran through the machine cycle. Until you have time to wash them in the machine, spray Bye Bye Odor directly on the blanket urine and poo spots. For safety, fix the rips before they become holes and patch the holes before the blanket is completely destroyed.
  3. Get in the habit of applying a conditioner to your horse’s hooves as it starts to get colder out. Use an all natural dressing that will help keep moisture in and promote hoof growth through the cold months.
  4. Clean and condition your saddle, bridle, and any other tack you use on your horse that is leather such as a martingale or a halter. This keeps them protected through the cold months and it will extend the life of their use.
  5. Clean out your horses bedding, stripping the stalls. I spray Bye Bye Odor on my horse’s urine spots daily but, twice a year, I strip the stalls completely and spray the entire floor with Bye Bye Odor. It not only makes the barn smell great but also consumes the ammonia which can create respiratory inflammations in your horses.
  6. Keep a fungus control shampoo or spray on hand for when outbreaks occur and make sure you have a thrush remedy just in case the damp weather causes thrush in your horse’s hooves. 

The bottom line is to be prepared, clean up, and keep warm!

 Cheers! Angelea, HorseGirlTV.com