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New 24-Hour Internet Ranch Radio Station

 Spalding Labs Launches New 24-Hour Internet Radio Station Featuring Western Music, Cowboy Poetry, Western Swing, Expert Horse Care Advice & Wildly Amusing Wild West Anecdotes.

RENO, Nevada (January 17, 2014): The new Spalding Labs Radio Network features 24/7 cowboy-themed music, as well as poetry and western swing, horse tips, interviews with famed equine experts, and much more. Streaming on the internet as the radio station, NFLY—No Fly Radio.

“This is music and content you won’t hear anywhere else. It takes you back to a kinder, maybe not gentler, but more honest time.” According to Tom Spalding the Chief Fly Guy at Spalding Labs. “And it will also get your toes tapping with great music and tickle your funny bone with the sublime humor of cowboy poets.”

Created and produced by syndicated radio talent and horseman, Charley Engel., highlights include one-hour, daily variety shows called The Flying SL Ranch Radio Show. It’s hosted by “Chuckaroo the Buckaroo,” and his pee-wee pard, “Buzz O’Bannon” (the roughest, toughest Fly Predator in the whole United States–AND Texas!). The program’s announcer is “Desert Pete” (Bill Palmese).

Musicians and poets presented include Ian Tyson, Baxter Black, Mary Ann Kennedy, Sons Of The Pioneers, Lyle Lovett, Michael Martin Murphey, RW Hampton, Waddie Mitchell, Gene Autry, Riders In The Sky, Stephanie Davis, and a thousand more!

For the real nostalgia buff there’s Geezer Theatre which runs late-night, old-time radio westerns like Hopalong Cassidy, Gunsmoke, Red Ryder, and The Lone Ranger.

In addition, the Spalding Labs Radio Network and station NFLY will be presenting interviews from Rick Lamb featuring the likes of Pat Parelli, Al Dunning, Temple Grandin, Kevin McNab, and hundreds more. There will also be horse tips and interviews with many of the clinicians of Light Hands Horsemanship fame, including Lester Buckley; Jon Ensign; Eitan Beth-Halachmy; Dr. Robert M. Miller; and Richard Winters; as well as Julie Goodnight, the host of Horse Master TV.

  • Tom,

    Let me be the first to congratulate you on the new radio network. I have high hopes for its success. It really has a lot of potential for fans of cowboy music and the western lifestyle! Ride 'em cowboy!

  • LOVE!!!!  I am immediately transported to a much simpler and kinder time!  

  • So many of the songs on here really bring back super fond childhood memories growing up on the Gulf Coast of Texas as a 4-Her!

  • I'm so thankful to find this station. It's a wonderful thing to find good, clean entertainment these days!

  • I just wish I could get a display of what's currently playing...