Fix Gmail Not receiving emails problem 

Gmail is one of the most popular email server providers across the world. There are so many users, who loves using this email system and they never want to switch it with something else. 

That’s why because of its easy control panel and services. If we you will take a deeper look. You will find out. Gmail is providing, most secure email system, and 24/ 7 support services. So whenever you face any kind of issues with your gmail account. You can simply contact to the gmail service provider and they will help you in troubleshooting the problem. 

But sometimes, you may have little problems with your gmail account, which you may fix easily by visiting the askprob community. For that, you may follow the instructions given below. 

When you can’t accept new emails into your gmail account. It may be due to several reasons like- invalid account configuration settings, filter settings, or something else. 

Today, in this email I am going to share the instructions about how will fix this kind of issues.

  1. Check the email settings, make sure there is not active filter. If there is any presented, you need to go ahead and deactivate it. 

  2. Check the forwarding settings as well, if it is active. You need to go ahead and deactivate it. 

  3. Now check the spam mails, if you see your emails into the spam box, you need to go ahead and move them into the inbox. 

  4. If you can’t get new emails on your gmail account using the phone, you need to reset the account settings, and re-fill the account details, now try to access your email account. Let’s see what happens now? 

If you are still facing any kind of issues with your gmail account. Let us know, we will help you in fixing the problem. 

THank you for reading this article.