Quicken is one of the most powerful financial and accounting software manages all the accounting tasks in a hands-free manner. It allows users to amazing work experience, computerized maintenance in a better way and documentation to eventually manage their variety of tasks. It was developed and distributed by Intuit. But being a technical software, few errors also can be confronted by mostly users whenever accessing it. One most common error code is Quicken Error ol-220-a which is known as banking error because it occurs at the moment when Quicken fails to read the information passed on from the bank. However, it is required to update Quicken details in order to exchange information between the financial Institution and Quicken. Look forward to get the error code disappeared from the root in a minute.

Reasons For Quicken Error ol-220-a

Why such an error code is been arisen? What are those main reasons behind it? Have a glimpse at below to grab the answer of such a related question:

  • Due to corrupted download Quicken or an incomplete Quicken installation file
  • If you have a corrupted Windows registry
  • If your system is surrounded with viruses or any other online threats
  • You may encounter this error if the Quicken records are damaged

Effectual Ways To Deal With Quicken Error ol-220-a

Go through the below-mentioned instructions one-by-one to obtain the fruitful guidelines so that you can frequently Deal With Quicken Error code ol-220-a. Let’s have a glimpse at once instead of wagging-off:

Step 1: Make Sure Quicken Is Up-To-Date

If your Quicken application gets outdated, then various problems you may experience. Therefore, first check out your Quicken and ensure it is updated to the latest release. Take a look to do the same:

  • Launch Quicken
  • Go to the “Help” section and then click “Check for Updates”
  • If any updates are available, then click on “Yes” button to begin the product updating
  • It will now automatically get updated and your error issue gets resolved
  • If Quicken is already updated, then tap “OK” and move further
  • Attempt to update all the accounts and check whether the error code OL-220-a is fixed or not

If you face the same problem, then continue with the next method.

Step 2: Search For The Account Having Quicken OL-220a

  • Open Quicken first
  • Navigate to the Tools and tap on One Step Update Summary
  • In the next step, look-up each account separately with OL error
  • Note-down the error codes in Notepad or Word pad
  • Go through every single account having OL errors
  • Next, tap on the gear icon situated at the right hand corner
  • Finally, click on the Update Now or press and hold Ctrl+Alt+U keys on your keyboard simultaneously

Step 3: Uninstall And Re-Install Quicken

Next method you should try to resolve this error is to uninstall Quicken first and then install it again in your PC. Follow the given-instructions to do the same:

  • Press Windows + R keys together from your keyboard
  • Now, click on Start menu and Select Run button
  • Type appwiz.cpl in the search box and hit Enter
  • Now, Program And Features tab will open
  • Search for Quicken and hit on it to open
  • Now, from the top click on Uninstall to eradicate the software from your PC
  • Next, re-install it via using the CD or accessing the Quicken official website

Now, check for the Quicken error OL-220a.

Take Quicken Help For One-Stop Remedy

If you are not completely satisfied with these above mentioned ways to annihilate the Quicken error OL-220-a, then make a direct connection to dexterous and well-educated technicians via placing a call on 24/7 helpline number. They are ready to pick-up your call instantly and give satisfying Quicken Help at your doorstep in an affordable cost. Hence, sooner associate with them, and get one-stop quality solution in no time.

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