Roku is a streaming device that empowers you to stream your shows, films, recordings, and music by partner web association. This is easy to introduce, simple to activate and setup as well. Once in a while, customers confront issues when they want to setting up Roku streaming device and activate Roku account. Being remembering those issues, here we will give you the solution identified with establishment and Roku account activation.

Let’s have a look at the accessibility features on the Roku streaming device:

  1. Closed captioning
  2. Voice search
  3. Free movies on the one day in every week
  4. Audio guide
  5. Watching live TV on the Roku platform

Briefly explain accessibility features of Roku device

  1. Closed captioning: - Close captioning displays background noise, the sound effect of TV shows and movies as text on the home screen as well as dialogues. The Closed captioning feature is not available on all channels. It is only available on some popular channels like, HULU, Starz, FX Networks, Amazon Prime Video, and HBO GO etc.
  2. Voice search: - You can use this feature easily. For this, download the Roku mobile app from the play store or app store. Roku mobile app is available both android and IOS devices. You no need to search your favorite app or channel from the whole list you have to just speak about channel and the channel gets appears the screen. In this way, this feature also reduces your efforts and time to find the particular channel.
  3. Free movies on the one day in every week: - With more than 3000 channels or app, Roku also offers you free movies in every week. Means you can watch the movies on Roku every Friday of the week. And the main thing about it is you no need to pay any subscription charges after a week.
  4. Audio guide: - It is another accessibility feature of the Roku streaming player. Sometimes, users feel trouble to find their streaming content or channels via the text search option. That time by using this feature, you can easily enjoy the Roku streaming player. Basically, the Audio guide provides you the text-to-speech option that provides you full guidance with good navigation features.
  5. Watching live TV on the Roku platform: - In addition to other accessibility feature, Roku also offers you “watch live TV shows and episodes” on various channels. For this, you no need to have setup or maintain any antenna or satellite connection just connect you Roku streaming player to the high-speed internet connection.

Best Roku tricks to try out with your Roku: -

  1. Use your Smartphone as Roku keyboard
  2. Stream live content from your tablet or Smartphone
  3. Make your Roku remote a Universal Remote
  4. Arrange your channels
  5. Change the themes, Screensaver and back ground
  6. Install private channels on Roku
  7. Rename your Roku
  8. Get a lost Remote

Easy Guide to Setup Roku Streaming Device:

Roku streaming device allows you to watch your favorite TV shows and movies and substantially more entertaining things through the internet. This is easy to install and set up as well. Roku setup process for all Roku streaming players is same. To setup Roku streaming player you must activate account. Hereabouts we provide you accomplish steps to set up Roku streaming player:

Step 1: Pick a language

  • First and foremost, if you’re Roku streaming turns on, the first screen will prompt you to choose a language.
  • Next, scroll up the lineup and press the OK key from your Roku remote to choose a language.

Note: Presently it the responsibility of the channel provider to translate their channels. Some Roku channels do not support your preferred language.

Step 2: Fix internet connection

  • Pick your wireless network from the list of the accessible networks.
  • Then enter the Wi-Fi password.
  • On the off chance that you want to see your password, press the “Show Password” button. By pressing this button you may prevent from entering the incorrect password.
  • After that, choose to connect alternate and then you can see your Roku player automatically connected to the internet.

Step 3: Wait till the software download

  • Once you fix the internet connection, your Roku streaming device will ready to download the new rendition of the software.

Step 4: Set the Display type

  • At first, preferred Auto-detect display type and your Roku premiere will check the HDMI link and discover the supported video resolution.
  • Furthermore, to have your Roku premiere axiomatically choose the suitable display resolution so you do not have to manually configure the settings, tap OK go to automatic option.
  • In case you need to adjust the display type, move to settings and then Display type.
  • Besides, if supported for 4K is not recognized and you are utilizing a 4L compatible TV, verify that all HDMI cables are properly attached to all link supported HDCP 2.2.

Steps 5: Create a Roku account and activate Roku player

To activate Roku streaming device you must connect it to your Roku account. So, you have to create your Roku account. If you do not have any idea how to create Roku account, you must follow the beneath procedure:

  • Initially, visit Roku official site.
  • Under Roku official site, go to Roku sign up page.
  • After that, enter the required details to create Roku account.
  • After performing previous steps, you get activation code and you have to enter that code on Roku official site.
  • Afterwards, complete the payment process. You can choose either Credit card or PayPal payment method.
  • A while later you have to create a unique Roku transaction PIN to secure your Roku account as well as transaction.
  • Finally, you have created Roku account.

Step 7: Finish

  • After completing all the activation procedure, your Roku streaming device, will ready to use.

Apart from it, if you encounter any kind of trouble while setting up Roku streaming player, you must visit http roku com link. Our Roku support team always pleased to provide you relevant solution regarding your concerns. Keep in call today now @ +1-845-795-3510 for help anytime anywhere!