Quicken is a personal financial management tool being used on large scale for managing various individual accounting tasks. Quicken has a better-quality of its support services and recently instigates a new feature “Screen share” that assists you to share screen with the support provider or technician. Well, this will help team to get better clarity of the error you are confronting while using Quicken. Moreover, this will let the techies to obtain real-time data and diagnose the problem instantly. It is impossible to control your PC or make any move on your PC during using Quicken Screen Share feature. To learn how to use it on Windows or Mac and troubleshoot the error effortlessly, read the blog.

Desired Steps ForUsing Quicken Screen Share

Though, there are different directionsto use the screen share facility in Quicken. You only need to do is to keep your eyes feast on the below noted instructions and follow them one-by-one appropriately. Let’s start:

Solution 1: Use Quicken Screen ShareOn Windows

Go through the given steps accordingly to use this feature on your Windows:

  • First and foremost, open Quicken tool and then go to the “Help” menu of Quicken and then ‘Screen Share’ option
  • Follow the prompts and click on “I Agree” option
  • After that, enter the security key that you have received from Quicken agent
  • Next, select Share your screen
  • Your screen is now enabled
  • At the end, choose “Stop sharing your screen” once you are done

Solution 2: Use Quicken Screen Share If You Are Chrome User

If you are chrome user, then continue with the process using Quicken Screen Share by following the below provided steps:

  • First access the official site of Quicken and then go to the Screen Share option
  • Now,enter the security key that has been provided by your Quicken agent
  • Next, tap“Add Extension”, doing this will add “Screen Share” to your browser
  • After that, click on Share your screen option and then click on the Entire Screen
  • You need to click on “Share” button in order to share it with your Quicken expert
  • At the end, click Stop sharing your screen once you complete

Solution 3: Use Quicken Screen Share If You Are Not Using Chrome

Don’t worry! If you are not using chrome as still you can use Screen Share in Quicken. Simply, follow the below steps:

  • First thing you are required to do is to download the Screen Share app on your computer
  • Now, click ‘Run’ after receiving a security warning on your screen
  • Once the application properly gets downloaded, click on “More Info” and then “Run Anyway”
  • Now, click on Install and enter the security key received from your Quicken agent
  • Tap on sharing your screen to make the screen visible to Quicken support team
  • To end the session, click on Stop sharing your screen

Solution 4: Use Quicken Screen Share on Mac

If you are a Mac user, skip the above solutions and go through the below-mentioned steps:

  • First, open Quicken on Mac and then click on “Help” and “Screen Share”
  • Next, you should enter the security key assigned by Quicken agent
  • After that, go to Share your screen to make it visible
  • Once the process ends-up, choose Stop sharing your screen

Take Quicken HelpFrom Expert Techies to Use Quicken Screen Share

In case, you are still not able to use your Quicken Screen Share feature, you arein needed to lend a hand with tech-specialists via toll-free number. They are highly educated and well-experienced so they proffer you Quicken Help to sort out your problem in a quickest possible way.

Source URL: https://qcustomersupport.blogspot.com/2019/12/guide-for-using-quicken-screen-share-feature.html