When renting a car using Enterprise Baum blvd, these tips are part of what will ensure an easy, safe journey.

Cars tend to be different in feeling and behavior even if they share many common points. You can't expect that one car will behave in the same manner as the previous one you drove. There are little to big changes amongst the type and size of vehicle that you may choose for your trip.

Don't be afraid to ask your rental car dealer which safety extras the car has, they'll be happy to help you choose the car you'll be most confident driving.

Make sure you:

  • Get the car's mirrors set properly to your height and viewing angle. A good adjustment ensures you see your surroundings and other drivers when you're out on the road and that you're not worried with adjustments while at it.
  • Adjust your seat to the ideal viewing position. This will ensure that you get the best viewing angle possible, allowing you to identify any possible obstacles or dangers on the road. It's also important for your comfort and wellbeing and another thing that you don't want to be doing whilst driving.
  • Get familiar with all the cars indicators, headlights, windshield wipers, fog lights and emergency stop gauges. You never know when you're going to need to do an emergency stop, an unexpected turn, heavy rain or fog that will block your view and compromise your safety.
  • Pack all your luggage in the booth and have no loose items that can distract you during driving. This is a main one, as loose items can be dangerous in the event of an accident.
  • Start slow, taking your time to become familiar to the car's response. There's no rush. You and the car need to get to know each other to respond in a safe, responsible manner. This ensures safety for you and others.
  • Always pay attention to the traffic laws of the place you're visiting. Perhaps speed limits are different. Perhaps motorways have different rules. Get familiar with them before you start the engine.
  • Never, ever use your phone while driving. If necessary, ask for a car that has mobile phone integration in its media centre. Using your phone when driving is a main cause for severe road accidents. The phone can wait for you.

Make sure you don't:

  • Start speeding assuming the car behaves like your expectations. It's easy to lose control when you're not familiar with a car and push it too far.
  • Stress too much about getting to your destination too fast. Plan your time accordingly and don't be afraid to arrive late. You want to be relaxed but above all, you want to be safe.
  • Distract yourself with the car's extras such as radio, media settings or your phone's connection. If you haven't got it right before you drove off, ask for a passenger to do it for you. If you're on your own, park in a safe spot off the road where you can resume your trip safely after you got it all sorted.

With these top tips when renting a car under 21, you're surely in for a safe and fun trip no matter your destination. For all the rest, your rental car company will be there to help you.