HP envy 5535 is one of the most advanced printing machines, which is mainly used for various printing purposes including home and office. This branded printing device is extremely light printing machine, which has the best printing speed with top-quality printing services. It has dual-band Wi-Fi network connectivity with an additional benefit of being linked both with a wireless network or USB cable to computer system. It has the amazing and advanced 74the first and last choice of today users. It can work perfectly along with normal and instant ink that is fully supported by HP envy 5535 printer. If you’re looking for setting up HP envy 5535 through 123.hp.com, you can follow easy steps suggested by the certified technicians.

The downloading procedure of HP envy 5535 driver for windows devices

If you want to install HP envy 5535 printer’s driver software, you must visit 123.hp.com. This website will help to provide the apt software for your windows device configuration.

The downloading procedure of HP Envy 5535 Driver for Mac Devices

If you want to download HP envy 5535 printer driver, you must visit 123.hp.com/setup 5535. You can easily download the appropriate software for your version of MAC from the site and click on the software file available on the MAC dock to begin the driver installation process. You can move on HP setup process immediately.

Simple instructions of setup and installation procedure of HP envy 5535 printer

You can install the driver from 123.hp.com/setup envy 5535 and follow all the technical instructions explained below to set up HP envy 5535.

Step1- You should unbox the printing machine and put it over a smooth location where the power connection can be accessed.

Step2-Keep a check on the contents of the box- Seek for the printing devices and accessories and make possible efforts to search the printer frills and other filling for printing procedure. Seek for printing device manually to know the exact functions of particular elements.

Step3- Put the paper into the paper tray of your printing machine just by pulling it softly towards you.

Step4:- You have to link HP Envy 5535 Printer to the power cable and turn on the printing device. You must link the printing device to computer system or laptop along with USB cable.

Step5- You have to keep the cartridges correctly by the opening the cartridge accessing door and put the cartridges into the window box and close the cover to protect it in the right location. Check carefully that you must place the black cartridge to the right upper side and color cartridge on the left upper side.

Step6-Begin printing procedure- When the cartridge is installed completely, you have to wait for printing machine to print required alignment page automatically. If the printing machine doesn’t print any required alignment page, tap on “setup” button “on the printer control panel. Pick up the tools, and hit on line up the printing device. After the printing process of alignment page, you can line up the ink cartridges for the excellent printing services. It can be accomplished by keeping the required alignment page on the scanner glass.

Step7- Finally, after the successful completion of hardware, you can setup HP envy 5535 printer properly.

With the help of these steps, you can complete hp setup process easily. Still, if you have any technical troubles, you can call our printer experts available round the clock to help you immediately.

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