Safety is everything.

In case you are going to be out on adventures and traveling safety is very important. Especially, in case you are a young driver using convertible car rental at PIE airport. Make sure to tighten your seatbelt correctly. This prevents the loss of 15 000 drivers every year where the driver has worn the seatbelt on correctly when the accident has happened. This is the first and most basic way to stay safe while driving. Also, make sure that all doors are closed before driving. You should also check the standard features of your car, especially if you have not driven it in a while. Make sure blinkers are working, brakes, warning signal, etc. This is all very essential for your safety if something should happen.

Don't text and drive!

Many people these days use their smart-phones while driving, this is very dangerous and it has led to thousands of deaths where the driver has used his or her phone. Do not multitask while driving, do not try to change the radio channel while driving even if you're going very slow. For a new driver, this is very distracting and should be avoided. Instead, pull over to the side of the road and then you can do it at your own pace.

Be aware of your surroundings!

Thee roads are not only for cars and motorcycles but also for pedestrians. What happens if a child suddenly runs out in the street around a blind corner? If you are not aware of your surrounding and keep a good distance and speed... accidents may happen. If it is dark outside, be extra cautious about pedestrians in the dark, if they do not have any visibility jacket they can be very hard to see.

Rain and leaves.

Now that we are into the autumn and winter season, leaves on the road are a common sight. What you may not know is that leaves have a wax layer and when they get wet from rain they get slippery like ice. If you are driving at leaves and in rain you should slow down a lot because it will be like driving on pure ice. Even if it stops raining the leaves will still be slippery and you should pay just as much attention and slow down. If there are no leaves but the surface is wet, you should also slow down and drive with more caution.

Don't drink and drive.

Did you know that every 30 minutes in the united states someone is killed in an alcohol-related car accident, and every 2 minutes, someone is injured. This should be common sense but for your own safety, we remind you again not to drink and drive! You should also not use cruise control late at night when you are tired, and also remember to always keep your eyes on the road!

In conclusion

-Put on your seatbelt, check your car, close all doors.

-don't text and drive.

-be aware of your surrounding

-slow down when driving on leaves or/and wet surfaces.

-do not drink and drive

-do not use cruise control late at night when you are tired