If you’re a new user and want to set up Norton antivirus, you need to create an account using norton.com/setup. If you’re old user and want to set up Norton antivirus, you should sign in the account. If you want to set up Norton antivirus using norton.com/setup, you should follow three steps explained by the experts. These three simple instructions of Norton set up can assist you to login, download, install and enter Norton setup key on computer system online.

  1. You have to create ID at Norton My Account Home page
  2. You need to download and install Norton
  3. You have to enter your Norton product key

Find out Norton Set up Product key?

Norton setup key is 25 character long code, which is printed on the back side of the card. You can make the right guesses to understand it easily. The product key will be written just like below-


Easy Ways to set up Norton antivirus using www.norton.com/setup

Step1- Create ID at Norton My Account Home Page

Norton provides to the subscribers that they can manage subscription from the Norton my account. You have to go to norton.com/setup my account home page. Login correctly.

Note- If you’re using the first time and you have to create a new account

 Step2- Download and Install Norton Antivirus program

You want to download Norton antivirus program. So, log in at norton.com/setup and go to, “download form” button. Select your product software as per your computer system and click on “download” option.

Note- (i) - You can find out, “download form” button under the product section.

(ii)-First of all, you need to read the product criteria for computer system. It may be different for various models.

After downloading process, you should agree with the terms and conditions license agreement. Click on “I agree” button and install Norton antivirus in your computer system.

Step3- Enter Your Norton product key

 After the installation procedure, you will observe Norton button on computer screen, make double click on it. You should activate your product to get the comprehensive features of your bought Norton subscription. You need to enter your product key and activate.

Finally, Norton antivirus is installed in your computer system using www.norton.com/setup. You need to scan your computer system and wait for outcomes. If you’re experiencing that your computer system are free from the viruses, it will show up in the green color automatically otherwise it will give a red signal that indicates some kinds of malicious programming code in your computer system. Remove or manage according to identified programming code and enjoy your Norton antivirus experience after green signal.

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