Arlo is the most trusted brand in today's modern era that requires no introduction. It is mainly a wireless, smart and high-definition (HD) camera that ensures security to every corner of your house.

The smart Arlo camera comes with a number of extraordinary and unmatched features. One of the most outstanding features of the device is its automatic update. Additionally, the firmware update of the Arlo camera can be done manually with following a couple of instructions given on the Arlo log in page.

For updating the firmware on Arlo Q plus and Arlo Go camera, go through the steps given below:

  1. First of all, you need to download the Arlo app or visit the official site of Arlo.

  2. After that, you need to navigate to setting and click on my devices.

  3. Now, in this step, you might have to choose the camera whose firmware you want to update.

  4. After that, click on device info option and then select firmware.

  5. Once you’re done with choosing the device info option, click on update. In this step, we recommend, do not disconnect your Arlo camera or remove its battery.

  6. Now, you have to wait a couple of minutes to complete the Arlo firmware update process. If the LED light on your Arlo camera is blue and amber then it means that the firmware process is still in progress. After the firmware update process, the LED light will turn off and your Arlo camera will reboot. And, if the LED on your Arlo camera lights again then it means that your camera is ready to use.

If you find any technical issue while going through the steps given-above then you can contact our team of active and knowledgeable experts at any time either day or night.

For updating the firmware on Arlo Pro and Pro 2 camera, follow the quick steps given below:

  1. In the first place, make sure to access the login page or pull up the Arlo app.

  2. After that, you need to click on the Settings option and choose the My Devices option.

  3. Now, select a camera whose firmware you want to update.

  4. Click on Device Info and select Firmware.

  5. After this, you have to click on Update to start the Arlo update process. During the update process, make sure that your Arlo camera is properly plugged into an electrical outlet.

  6. Wait for a few minutes till the update process of your Arlo camera login gets completed successfully.

  7. During the downloading process, you will get amber and the blue light.

  8. After the update process, your Arlo camera will sync to the base station automatically. This time, the LED light on your Arlo Camera will blink blue in rapid motion.

Note: If you own different cameras then you might have to repeat the Arlo firmware update process for each camera.

So, these were the steps that will help you update the firmware on your Arlo camera. In case, you fail to understand any of the above-mentioned steps, then you can freely contact our technicians anytime at toll-free number 1-855-881-8818.