Netgear range extender is a one-of-its product in the digital network market which offers fast internet speed to access and boosts the incoming network signals. However, we also understand that no electronic device is free from flaws. These flaws encountered on your device might blemish your Internet experience.

In this article, we are going to discuss 6 issues of Netgear range extender that are most common but major issues along with troubleshooting tricks and tips, that you might encounter during Netgear extender setup or login.

  • How to communicate with a Netgear WiFi range extender?

If you want to fix any common or basic issue of your Netgear WiFi range extender device, you need to first login to your Netgear extender setup page from any of your preferred web browsers. Access the login page with the Netgear extender login credentials.

  • How to change the network SSID name & password of your Netgear extender?

This is a quite simple job to change the network SSID name and security passphrase key/password set by you. Just visit 'Wireless Menu' from the 'Dashboard' and hit on the username field. Enter the existing username and twice the new username in two different fields. After that click on 'Next', you need to fill the password and hit 'Enter' key.

  • Turn Off ISP router

Using two or more routers at the same time may create network congestion. If you are working with an ISP router along with the Netgear WiFi router, then the interference might occur. To fix up this problem, disconnect the ISP router from the electric power supply.

  • How to upgrade Netgear device firmware?

As like updates are available for smartphone OS on a regular basis, similarly, firmware upgrade is also available for Netgear routers and extenders. You can upgrade the router & extender's firmware to fix the bugs and issues reported in the older version OS. To update the router/extender, visit from the web browser. Enter login credentials. Visit the 'Advanced' menu and click 'Upgrade'.

  • Improper downloading speed

The downloading speed of any device depends on various factors. If too many devices are connected to the same wireless network or the network is too congested, then you will face the speed issue. Apart from this, if you are a far distance from your WiFi router, then also you will face speed issue. The best way to fix up this problem is to use the different channel or by upgrading the data plan of your home network.

  • How to restrict children from accessing the Internet?

In order to restrict children from accessing some particular website or internet, you have to enable the parental controls feature of your Netgear device from the genie application installed on your smartphone. Open 'Settings', then click on 'Manage'. Under this option, you will find the 'Parental Controls' option. Configure the controls as per your preference.

We hope that our article on 6 Major Issues of Your Netgear Range Extender and it fixes will help you out well. If still, you face any issue during troubleshooting, feel free to share your thoughts with us through comments.