There are several facts that can cause your Netgear router not working properly and results in dropping WiFi connection. In this article, we will try to cover all the major factors that act as a barrier in your home WiFi network pathway. Below is the list of steps in order to fix your Netgear router.

Fix #1: WiFi is not enabled on any device. Why?

Solution: Most modern laptops have a WiFi button to enable and disable WiFi on your system. Ensure that your WiFi is turned ON. Usually, the LED light is either blue or green when WiFi is enabled.

Fix #2: Check the wireless connection is enabled

Solution: In Windows OS, ensure that your network adapter is not disabled. Click on the Start button, typing Network connection in the Search, and then click on View network connections. Now right-click on the wireless connection and select Enable. If you found it “disable”.

Fix #3: Verify the Network SSID name and security key.

Solution: If you have multiple wireless networks, make sure that you connecting to the right SSID (Netgear WiFi router name). Also, check the security key. If you have chosen the wrong SSID and mention the correct password, your device will not be able to connect to your home network.

Fix #4: Make sure your Internet is working properly?

Solution: If your WiFI supported device is connected to the router, but the Internet is not working, then there might be an issue from your Internet service provider end. You can easily verify your Internet connection, just access login and click on “Test my Internet connection”.

If the Internet is not working, there may be a problem with Netgear router configuration settings, modem, or Internet service provider.

Fix #5: Restart your Netgear router and modem

Solution: It is quite common that modem or Netgear WiFi router now allow you to connect more than one device with the home network. To fix out this minor problem, unplug both modem and Netgear router from the electric power outlet, wait for 10-15 seconds and then plug it back to electric power outlet.

Wait for a few minutes, allow your modem and router to reconnect to the Internet. Once connected, try to test the Internet connection on your desktop. If still, the problem exists, try to reboot your desktop.

Fix #6: Disable Windows & Antivirus Firewalls

Solution: Having more than one firewall software installed on your desktop or laptop can cause many issues with your home WiFi network. To fix out this problem, experts suggest to temporarily disable firewalls.

Fix #7: Upgrade your Netgear router firmware

Solution: If you still facing the Internet connectivity issue, then there might be some bug within your Netgear router. So, to fix out the problem, once check the Netgear router firmware update. If any available, try to upgrade it.

Fix #8: Reposition your Netgear WiFi router or WiFi device

Solution: If your WiFi device is facing difficulty to maintain strong communication with your Netgear WiFi router, then poor signal strength can be the reason behind this all. Try to reposition your Netgear WiFi router and its antennas.

We hope that our article on the Netgear WiFi router will prove quite helpful for you. Somehow, if you still find any difficulties feel free to share with us through comments.