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Solved: Connectivity Issues To

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Occasionally while trying to access the to set your Netgear extender, you might meet with an error message unable to connect to the site. It is basic a local web address used to configure your Netgear WiFi range extender. Connect your desktop or laptop either by Ethernet or wireless to your Netgear range extender to access this web address.

Sometimes due to slow network strength, it's really become quite frustrating to watch live videos. Holding up till the whole live video get buffered is really awful to get entertained. To overcome problems like low signal strength, dead zones, low WiFi speeds, we use Netgear WiFi range extender. Each Netgear WiFi range extender has various features and area coverage zone. You can choose them based on your requirements. With Netgear WiFi extender setup, you can increase the range of your current WiFi router.

If your desktop or laptop is not connected with the Internet, you might face one of the following error notes:

Internet Explorer: Page cannot be displayed

Google Chrome: Unable to connect to the Internet.

Firefox: Server not found. Firefox cannot find the server at

Safari: Can't find the server.

Unable to Connect Let's Fix It

  • Put your Netgear range extender into the same as your current WiFi router. If possible try to keep your WiFi range extender near about 1-3 feet close to your router during Netgear extender Setup.

  • Once the WiFi extender setup is completed and you have a well-working network connection to the router. Place your range extender in middle of router's signals and the zone where you have less or no network signals.

  • Ensure that your Netgear WiFi range extender is plugged into the well power source. Once your range extender received the power supply, the Power LED light blinks up and then get solid after some seconds.

  • If your Netgear WiFi extender has a PC to Extender LED or Device to Extender LED, ensure that it is lit.

  • If not lit up, unplug both the ends of the Ethernet cable from the range extender and your desktop or laptop and plug it in again.

  • In your web browser's address bar, enter the default Netgear extender's IP address i.e.

  • If you still cannot be able to access your wifi range extender, reset your web browser and try again.

  • If still, you are unable to reach, clean up the cache, temporary files, and browsing history from your web browser and your desktop or laptop also.

  • To remove the temporary or cache files from the desktop or laptop. Press Win + R and then type %temp% and hit the enter key. The “Temp” folder will pop on the screen. Select all the files with Ctrl + A. Press the Shift + Del to remove all the files permanently.

  • Connect your desktop or laptop to the range extender via Ethernet cable.

  • Assign your desktop or laptop a static IP address. So to reduce the IP conflict chances.

  • Before you proceed for any change in the network settings. Note down your current Default gateway or we can say router address.

  • Use the IP address with a subnet mask of

Conclusion: We hope that our perspective behind this particular article will prove quite fruitful for you. Somehow if you still find any difficulty. Get in touch with the professionals' team for Netgear extenders. Leave your queries in comments related to Netgear extender devices and we try to provide you with the best and efficient resolutions.

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