In order to protect your Quicken data file from an unauthorized access, you can apply a password into that file. Once you set up a file password after that you can’t open the file to access any of your accounts within it until or unless you enter the correct password. If you also wish to protect your Quicken data files, then create or apply a password in to it. For this, you can dial Quicken Support Number  +1-888-817-0312 and take assistance from highly-educated technicians. They will provide you the best ways to create or remove a file password.

File password remains effective for files which are copied or renamed. However, it doesn’t protect a file from being deleted, copied or renamed.

Let’s know the steps to create file password for protecting your Quicken data files from unauthorized access:

  • Launch Quicken and go to file menu.
  • Open Quicken file to open the data file that you want to protect with a password. Since, file password protect only current file so be careful while choosing your file.
  • Go to file menu and select set password for this data file.
  • Enter and reenter password for confirmation. In older version of Quicken for windows you can use your Intuit ID password as your custom password. However, in the newer versions, there is no longer the option available to use your Intuit ID or password as the data file password.
  • Click ok to save the changes and now your file is protected with a password.

Once you set up a file password, then you can’t open it unless you enter the correct password. If you are not able to remember your file password, then click on forgot password to recover your lost password. To help out in this situation, Quicken also offers a password removal service.

Here, we are also going to discuss how you can remove a file password. But before that, one thing you need to keep in mind is that, if your file is renamed or copied, the password remains in effect.

Let’s start the procedure of removing a file password:

  • Open your data file that is already password protected
  • Go to file menu and then click on set password for this data file
  • From the list of options, select “use this data file without a password” option.
  • You need to enter your existing password to approve these changes.
  • At last, click OK to save all of your changes.

We assure you that, after following these steps, you can easily create and remove a file password. However, if any problem takes place, then visit at once. Here, you will get all of your doubts and problems resolved under the guidance of ingenious professionals.

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