On the Road with Dr. Jenni

We are introducing a weekly web video series featuring an Idaho equine veterinarian, Dr. Jenni Grimmett. These fun and informative shows each cover subjects that horse owners will appreciate, from vaccination, to wound dressing, to preparing for the vet visit and much more. You can watch the first 10 shows below and starting in February they will be released weekly on our Spalding Labs YouTube and Facebook Channels. This page will be updated with new shows as they are released.


Episode 1 - Vaccines

Episode 2 - Floats

Episode 3 - Floats Part 2

Episode 4 - Lameness

Episode 5 - Safe Fencing

Episode 6 - Hernia Surgery

Episode 7 - Tongue Damage

Episode 8 - Self Examinations

Episode 9 - Preparing for the Vet

Episode 10 - Bandaging Part 1