American Pharoah - The Story of an Amazing Racehorse

It’s 2015 and the Triple Crown winner is…… American Pharoah! This striking, long legged, three year old thoroughbred colt, bred in Kentucky, is the first horse to nail the Kentucky Derby, the Preakness and the Belmont Stakes since 1978. His overall race time was the second-fastest for a Triple Crown winner, ever. Unbelievably, with the final closing quarter-mile time of 24.32, he even ran faster than the legendary Secretariat! Would you like some photos from this remarkable horse’s Triple Crown Journey for your own collection? We just found an incredible site hosting all kinds of stunning American Pharoah images and they’re incredibly affordable. Check out this image of American Pharoah winning the Kentucky Derby, pretty beautiful, don’t you think? See the entire collection at:

American Pharoah’s Kentucky Roots

American Pharoah
American Pharoah winning the Kentucky Derby. Image Courtesy of

Did you know he didn’t even place during his first race? Or how his name is actually spelled?  If you’re a real horse person, you owe it to yourself to know the facts.

At 11pm on 2 February 2012, at Stockplace Farm in Lexington (owned by his owner, Ahemd Zayat,) American Pharoah was born. His sire is stallion Pioneerof the Nile, (who finished second in the 2009 Kentucky Derby) and dam, Littleprincessemma, (a mare who raced but did not win either of her two starts in 2008). Recognizing the pedigree, Littleprincessemma was sold last year after being confirmed in foal to again to Pioneerof the Nile for a staggering $2.1 million. American Pharoah is a bay colt with a solitary white mark, a faint white star, on his forehead. There are no other notable markings on his body.

American Pharoah’s Racing Career

American Pharoah made his track debut in a six and a half furlong race on August 9th 2014. Expectations were high, but he became unsettled before the race and finished in fifth place, more than nine lengths behind the winner. On this occasion, he ran in a blinker hood (which was subsequently removed.) During subsequent races, the horse’s ears were stuffed with cotton so he wouldn’t get so easily spooked and that clearly the winning ticket. Under trainer Bob Baffert, he then ran undefeated in a series of races prior to his triumphant campaign for the Triple Crown. In 2015 his career really took off. First, he ran undefeated in the 3 year old racing series leading up to the Kentucky Derby, including the Rebel Stakes and Arkansas Derby. He then went on to win the 2015 Kentucky Derby, 2015 Preakness Stakes and celebrated his Triple Crown victory at the Belmont Stakes on 6th June 2015.

What Makes American Pharoah Such A Spectacular Race Horse.              


Racing experts contend that American Pharoah will be retired from racing in late 2015. His handlers will then focus on his hotly anticipated breeding career. Despite having only one descended testicle, he is considered one of most desirable stud horses in the world, with yet, undisclosed stud fees, (meaning that they will be exceptionally high.)


Among American Pharoah’s distinctions is his smooth and distinctively long stride. His handlers noticed this difference going back to his days as a yearling. Have you noticed his rather short tail? According to his owner, apparently the hair was chewed off by another horse while at pasture!

Despite American Pharoah’s initial anxiety issues during his first race, his trainer made the decision to commit to a heavy training schedule immediately afterward. In only 2 weeks, the horse’s temperament and focus improved dramatically. People who handle, train and ride American Pharoah have commented that his gentle demeanor is very unusual for a young thoroughbred, that seems especially fond of people. Many horses of his caliber can be difficult to handle, appearing both aggressive and flighty, but, not American Pharoah!! However, the Kentucky Derby in 2015 served to prove the exception to the rule, as he became startled when the crowd surged towards him before the race. Several grooms were required to keep him under control and he continued to misbehave until he reached the starting gate. Fortunately, he was still able to prevail, easily winning the Kentucky Derby.

Oh and finally, we haven't misspelled the horse’s name! He is actually registered with the incorrect spelling of Pharoah due to an error on his Jockey Club form, made by his owner. Whatever the next steps for this wonder horse, his is a name we will all fondly cherish.